Songs of Innocence 9/9/14 To sum up my life in one word, i will quote Hamlet, Act III, Scene III, Line 92 "No"
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  • Iris (Hold Me Close)
  • "Hold me close, the darkness just lets us see, who we are"
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    The artist Zach Gross's work is on view through October 19th at the Hudson Opera House. Take a look at some of his photographs, photograms, and paintings.

    Photographs by Zach Gross

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    From Larissa MacFarquhar’s 2003 Profile of Quentin Tarantino:

    “For every monologue he writes about an old movie or TV show, he writes one about European hamburgers or tipping waitresses or eating pork. … The love of minutiae, like the love of pop culture, is a form of nostalgia—a junk-food version of Proust’s madeleine. But, unlike madeleine-nostalgia—nostalgia for a lost world, an unrecoverable childhood—minutiae-nostalgia is nostalgia for a world that still exists, for a life you’re still living.”

    Take a look at more classic New Yorker stories about filmmakers.

    Photograph by Ruven Afanador


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    Watch Ink from the new #GhostStoriesLive2014 concert film & live album (out 24 Nov):

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